queXC cleans and codes / classifies qualitative and other textual data (such as data collected from a questionnaire). Multiple operators can work on a single data file using only a web browser. Coding / classification schemes can be created on the fly or imported.

queXC 0.9.4 released

queXC 0.9.4 has been released on Sourceforge.

Spell checking using the PHP pspell module has been reinstated and some other minor bugs have been corrected. Columns generated from coding now have a label based on the name of the coding scheme by default.

queXC 0.9.3 released

queXC 0.9.3 has been released on Sourceforge.

Mainly a bug fix release. Viewing on Internet Explorer works well now, php-gettext has been upgraded for translations and text coding to multiple groups with multiple operators functions correctly. Translations have also been updated - Thank you again to those who have submitted translations. queXC 0.9.3 is available as a source package and also in the XAMPP release for easy installation on Windows.

queX Suite Windows Easy Install with XAMPP Released

A Windows Easy Installation has been released today that contains all the packages in the queX Suite (queXML, queXF, queXS and queXC) based on XAMPP. Download it from Sourceforge.

If you want to test any or all the packages in the queX Suite on Windows - simply download the self extracting executable, extract it to a root directory of your computer or USB stick and then execute the xampp service. Then browse to the http://localhost/ address to be greeted by a list of all the queX Suite packages.

Please note that I don't recommend using the XAMPP installation in production - but it may serve as a good test or introduction to the packages in the queX Suite.

queXC 0.9.2 released

queXC 0.9.2 has been released today on Sourceforge.

There hasn't been a queXC release in a while, so this one incorporates a lot of new changes.

In summary, major new features include the ability to code to multiple columns (multiple choice coding) and to assign portions of the text to a code by simply selecting it in the browser window. A search feature has been added for searching inside coding schemes. An administrator can update the data description (question labels, response labels). A keyword correspondence feature allows you to automatically code a field based on the details of another. Also, operators can see their performance in comparison with other operators while working.

Read more for details:

queXC 0.9.1 Released

queXC 0.9.1 has been released today on Sourceforge

It includes the following changes:

New features:

  • Complete Italian translation by Diego Donati
  • All strings translatable
  • Can export to CSV file with code labels instead of code values
  • Start of Lithuanian translation by Zimi
  • Start of Spanish translation by DiegoJ

Italian translation added to SVN

Diego Donati, who kindly translated queXS into Italian, has also translated queXC into Italian.

The translation is available in the queXC SVN repository, and will also be made available in the next release of queXC.

Thank you Diego!

queXC 0.9.0 Released

queXC 0.9.0 has been released today, and is available for download from Sourceforge

Please join or contact the Mailing list for support or to report any bugs/issues/feature requests.

queXC Project created on Sourceforge

The queXC project has been added to Sourceforge

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